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Treat yo’self! Three planner items that are worth the splurge.

February 12, 2017

Even though I’m pretty frugal, there are a few items that have totally been worth the splurge. Everyone’s budget is different, so for the purpose of this post, I consider anything over $50 a big-ticket item.

  1. Upright storage with drawers. The washi, pens, stamps, and stickers piled up mighty fast,  so I bought this rolling cart from Michael’s.  dsc_1870It retails for about $90 but Michael’s always has a good deal. Their craft storage is often on sale and coupons are available every week. Stores like IKEA and Target also have other popular storage options.


2. An Amazon Prime Membership

Yep, I’m the person who refreshes the USPS tracking page every 30 minutes to see if her package has arrived. Having Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping is great for getting my orders fast and knowing exactly when my packages will get to my home. I’ve bought hard-to-find planners, washi, journal inserts, unique gifts, and home goods with Prime.


There are tons of other features like downloadable books, music and movies, but I only use it for shipping. One thing to keep in mind: not all Prime-eligible items have two-day shipping.  Some may take five days, which is still faster than what the retailer would offer for an order with standard shipping.

The membership offers a lot, so at $99 a year, I’d say it’s worth the cost.

3. Polaroid Zip

This little gadget has been so useful in putting my memories on paper!  I travel a few times a year and love taking pictures, so this is convenient to have when I want to journal away from home.


The Polaroid Zip is a mobile printer that gives you cute 2×3 snapshots for your art journal, vision board, memory planner. You take a picture, link your smartphone and Zip with Bluetooth, and print a picture in seconds.  Two of my favorite features about this product: 1. The photos have sticky backing! 2. It’s rechargeable. No fuss with batteries, ever. You can read more about it here.

The only retail store I’ve seen with the Polaroid Zip was Jo-Ann Fabrics, who offers this product for $179. Using my Prime membership, I bought my Zip and a 50-pack of photo sheets in a bundle for $150.

I realize that I’ve mentioned Amazon a few times on this post, but this is not a sponsored ad, lol. I’ve had a really positive experience with their site and it’s one of my go-to places to shop.

What are some of your best planner investments? Maybe a Cricut for designing clips or a great quality leather journal?  Let me know!

  1. I got a rainbow drawer storage unit at Sam’s Club for about $23 and it has 10 drawers that I use for my planning supplies and I love it. Also, Amazon now has a Student Prime account that is half the price of a regular Prime account if you would like to look into it.

  2. Yes! Amazon Prime is a must! It’s everything. Planning is “just planning” for me. Other than the planner refills, I try not to buy supplies “just for planning.” But I use washi tape, stickers, scrapbook paper, and other embellishments in snail-mailing, crafting, and card-making, so I just borrow from my stash for planning. For my other addictions, my best investments: DSLR, iPad and Mac, Cricut, laminator (I have a WONDERFUL heavy duty one), and recollection storage/organizers from Michaels and loads of those pretty photo boxes. Oh wait…and for my classes and my research planning, I do splurge on the aluminum discs for Arc. So worth it! But I’m a little curious about the zip now.

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