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Weekly Planner Change – Bullet Journal

April 30, 2017

Does anyone feel the need to change their planning style every few months (errr…roughly each season)? I love every type of insert I’ve ever used, but after a few months, things get stale. I’ve toggled between horizontal and vertical layouts for months, and am now trying a mix of the two in a bullet journal!

I was always so intimidated by the intricate, colorful, no-mistakes-anywhere style of bullet journaling, so I didn’t think it was an option for me. Earlier this month, I decided to take a plain ol’ dot grid journal and arrange it exactly to fit my needs. I’m still finding my groove, but I gotta say that this is pretty neat!   Vertical inserts are still my first love, but it’s nice not to be restricted to only three columns for grouping tasks. Here’s a quick rundown of my newest planning system:


  • Key:

change - Bullet journal key

Completed, migrated, and cancelled tasks. That’s really all I need for symbols.

  • Layout

I continued with the Week on 4 Pages setup to save paper, but really wanted some extra space. Now I do daily pages (except for weekends – I condense Friday through Sunday on one page) and can plan and decorate to my heart’s content. I don’t always use the entire page, but it’s great to have the space in the event that I need it.

change - Week on 4 pages layout


I still group my tasks because an hourly layout doesn’t allow for much flexibility in my day. Notes and quotes go at the bottom where there’s some extra room. This makes for a neat layout where everything has its place.

change - daily pages


change - daily pages

Here’s the week of April 24-30. These day stickers came in handy to cover up some of the stamp fails!

Oh, and I caved and bought Mildliners.  Right now, they’re really more for doodling and adding little pops of color in my weekly layout. Functional? Not entirely. Pretty? Yass.


I’m loving the flexibility that comes with bullet journaling.  I probably won’t make any drastic changes from week to week, but it is freeing to know that I can change my layout without having to buy a new planner or inserts. The best part? It isn’t nearly as time-consuming as I thought it’d be. I keep it simple, and simple is good.

Have you changed your planning system since the new year began? Tell me about it!



  1. I love the freedom of being in a blank notebook now so I can chop and change the layouts each week. Firmly sticking with this in my fauxdori xxxx

    1. Right! I get so much inspiration from Pinterest and IG so I’m glad that I have the option to change things up. You have the cutest layouts! 😊

  2. Massive bullet journal junkie here! I go very chaotic though & tend to move and shift lots of my tasks. So I might need to get a bit better at planning & stop treating a 24-hour day as a 124 hour-day 😀 Thanks for sharing your pages, thoughts & tips, Shirley.
    xox Nadia

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