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My Weekday Evening Routine

May 30, 2017

I’m a self-admitted night owl and the early bird can keep that worm. Because my body doesn’t really get going until about 9:30 in the morning,   I still have plenty of energy in the evening. Why me?

My mind is active at night so I have to be intentional in finding ways to prepare myself for rest. Ending the day on a good note is just as important as starting your day off on the right foot. Here’s my weekday evening routine on a good day:

7:00 p.m. – I’ve exercised and eaten dinner. Tidy up the kitchen and living room.

7:30 – Make sure meal prep is complete and that lunch is packed for the next day or two.

8:00 – Self-care is my favorite part of the evening.  I wash my face and apply a clay mask to relax and deep clean my pores. Some recommend doing masks once or twice a week, but I do them almost daily. It just works for my fussy, finicky face.  An all time fave is this bentonite clay + ACV mask, which is terrific for oily and acne prone skin. When I want something that’s already prepared, Freeman’s Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask is my next choice. If I can do a manicure, I take care of that while my mask is drying.

DSC_0850 (1).jpg

8:30 – Dental care + Shower + body – I brush my teeth and hop in the shower. Once I’m done, I pamper my skin a little bit more. I’ve been experimenting with new skin care products this year, but the routine is still the same: tone, acne treatment, moisturizing spray, cream moisturizer, under eye cream, and oil. Toss in some exfoliation twice a week. For my body, I use Vaseline’s cocoa butter lotion or coconut oil on damp skin. This is also when I style my hair for the following day if necessary.


9:30 – Hobbies. If you follow me on Instagram, you notice that I tend to post later in the evening or at night. Around this time, I like to work in my planner, journal, take pictures, or listen to music. It’s a great way to reflect on the day and also center myself before bed.

DSC_0858 (1).jpg

10:15- Answer any pressing emails or texts.

10:30 – I should really log off of YouTube, but here I am watching makeup tutorials.


11:15 –  If my sweetie happens to be awake, we chit chat a little bit before bed. If he’s snoozing, I count sheep and get some sleep.

And that’s my realistic evening routine that keeps me (mostly) on track and calm before bed. What are some similarities or differences you have in your routine?


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