About Me

Hello all!  My name is Shirley and welcome to my cozy home on the web!

I’ve lived most of my life just outside of the Chicago area and now call central Indiana home. I’m a lover of stationery, organization, and anything to do with making life simple. This blog started as a way to share my passion for planning, but I soon realized that I enjoy sharing the things I actually plan, too! These include healthy habits, self-care, very amateur photography and journaling. I’m also a die-hard music lover with a pretty impressive playlist, if I do say so myself. 90’s R&B is my jam.

I’m somewhat new to blogging. Several years ago, I started chronicling my transition from a frazzled grad student to a working adult. It was mostly a place for me to vent and keep friends updated on my life. Thankfully, those days are a memory and I’ve mostly found my footing.  Graceful Pages is my calmer, more grounded take on living a good life.

My full-time gig is working as a K-12 speech-language pathologist.   My days with these learners are spent conversing, writing, teaching, laughing, and counseling. After six years in this profession, I’ve learned just as much from these children as they’ve learned from me. I’m so very fortunate to have found my calling in helping others.

While I enjoy my profession, I strive to maintain work-life balance.  When I’m on the daily grind,  you can catch me crafting, hitting the gym, doing a little retail therapy, traveling, and spending time people who mean the most to me.  I have a loving fiancé and feisty Yorkie who may appear on the blog from time to time.

My goal is to share and help others to live well. I certainly hope you’ll find something that will inspire you while you’re here.

Let’s be e-friends! Catch me on Instagram and Pinterest.

Thanks for stopping by!

Shirley <3